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  Recruiting Methodology
All Software Solutions Inc. (SSI) applicants undergo a comprehensive evaluation. By rigorously screening applicants, whether full or part-time employees or independent contractors, we have achieved an extremely low turnover rate. The screening process consists of the following steps:

Extensive Background Investigations (employment, experience, education, certifications)
Upon arrival to our offices, each candidate is required to complete a job application form. This form helps us gather personal data including job references. Each technical recruiter conducts an extensive background review; job and salary history; proof-reads resume; certifies dates; and collects references.

Non-Technical Interviews

Each candidate will have an in-house interview (evaluation of presentation, communication and interpersonal skills). Prior to submitting a candidate's qualifications to the client, the account executive reviews the candidate's profile, discussing with him/her the specific position. Only then does the account executive submit the resume to the client. A resume is never submitted before the candidate is properly matched to the job requirements.

Technical Interviews
Each candidate will undergo a comprehensive, technical interview with an in-house technology expert, or a hands-on technical assessment by one of our technical associates.

Reference Checks
Technical recruiters contact all references provided by the candidate. Two references are required from each candidate. Previous managers are required. Our recruiters follow a reference-verification procedure. Each reference answers a series of questions confirming the details of the candidate's work experience. If negative and/or misleading information is gathered, the candidate is eliminated from any potential employment opportunity.

Verification of ability to work in the United States

Each candidate that applies for employment with SSI is required to fill out an I-9 form and provide two forms of identification (Drivers License, Social Security Card).

Criminal Background Check
SSI believes that criminal background checks are critical and necessary evaluations for employment. However, we perform these only at the request of the client. SSI would be willing to discuss criminal background check services.

Drug Screening
SSI believes that drug tests are critical and necessary evaluations for employment. However, we perform these only at the request of the client. SSI would be willing to discuss drug screening services.

Value-added Services

Advanced Technology System
Software Solutions Inc.(SSI) has a state-of-the-art, database resource system. This system utilizes text scanning; optical character recognition; a skill-matching search engine; and a relational database management system to facilitate the identification of candidates and the assessment of their credentials, aptitudes, and proficiencies. Our database currently has over 25,000 identified and qualified applicants with resumes and complete profiles. The skill-matching search engine allows us to search accurately for a candidate with both technical and non-technical abilities requested by a client.

Quality Procedures
To ensure the highest quality service for our clients, SSI monitors and analyzes business operational statistics. Data currently tracked includes: number of positions received; number of candidates identified; timeframe to identify candidate; number of candidates submitted; number of client interviews; number of client placements; and length of the assignment.

Standard Company Procedures
SSI assigns an Account Executive to manage each client account. Account distribution is determined by numerous factors, including geography, internal client organizational structure, and technology utilized at client. Our history shows that our ability to work closely with our clientele has been a pivotal reason for our success. Each Account Executive is responsible for developing an intimate knowledge of each client's projects, team members, and overall environment.

Referral Program
Be rewarded for referring friends, colleagues, family members, and acquaintances. Send us an e-mail with information that will help you find a great career for someone. Then you'll be ready to start making referrals and earning rewards! With job openings nationwide, SSI is the best job referral site designed for people who know people. The service is free, completely confidential, and holds no risk or obligation for you. By delivering a wide variety of interesting jobs, SSI is able to match companies of all types, shapes and sizes with qualified candidates that possess backgrounds in Information Technology, Telecommunications, E-Commerce, and Supply Chain.

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Jobs Opportunities
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Operations Assistant / Chicago / Full Time
Logistic Manager / chicago / Full Time
Logistic Manager / chicago / Full Time
Filenet lead / Malvem / Contract
Web Developer / chicago / Full Time
Purchasing Agent / chicago / Full Time
Fullstack Web Developer / chicago / Full Time
Operators - Support / chicago / Full Time
audio visuaal Engineer / New York / Full Time
telecom engineer / New York / Full Time
Client Reporting / New York / Contract To Hire
weblogic administrator / Bristol / Full Time
Technical SEC Reporting Manager  / San Francisco / Full Time
Network Engineer / passadena / Contract
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